Andrew F. Walls Centre for the Study of Early African Christianity (CESEAC)

The organic nature of the history of the Christian movement offers creative opportunities to discover how earlier and contemporary developments are interrelated, and as parts of a whole bear witnesses to a story that is continually developing. Contemporary African Christianity cannot take for granted the significant role that early African Christianity (of the first six centuries in particular) played, among others, in the development of Christian doctrine, Christian spirituality, the nature of the Church and her relationship to the wider society.


The Andrew F. Walls Centre for the Study of Early African Christianity primarily seeks to explore the dynamism of the vibrant Christian presence in the early centuries of Christian history in parts of present-day North and East Africa (Egypt, North Africa, Ethiopia and Nubia) and their relevance for contemporary African Christianity.

The Centre aims to:

  1. Develop research projects that focus on gaining deeper understanding of the historical depth and continuity of African Christian life and thought from the earliest times and its modern relevance.
  2. Seek funding for specific projects at the local, inter-regional and intercontinental levels that could eventually feed into scholarships for doctoral research.
  3. Organise seminars, both at the academic and grassroots levels, within ACI and beyond, for sharing of research findings or insights to the wider Christian community.
  4. Develop a range of academic and non-academic publications
  5. Where necessary, collaborate with similar centres in the world on research projects and other relevant activities.


The research scope of the Centre will be the early practice of Christianity in North and East Africa but will also include other religions and their interaction with Christianity. The first six centuries will be the period of primary focus.

Walls-Oden-Bediako Lecture on Early African Christianity (Virtually via Zoom).

The Early African Christian Ministry Forum.

Key People

Dr. Rudolf K. Gaisie, Director
Very Rev. Dr. James K. Walton, Associate
Dr. Felix B. A. Asiedu, Research Associate

Maiden Walls-Oden-Bediako Lecture on Early African Christianity by Andrew F. Walls

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